Anonymous said: Are Icelandic people generally accepting of racial diversity? I know the population is mostly white Nordic people but would other skin colors be considered weird?

Racial diversity is definitely lower than in most of our neighbor countries. There was very limited immigration to Iceland before the 90’s. However during the late 90’s and up until our recent economic crisis immigration really increased. In 1996 around 2% of the population were immigrants, but went up to 8% in 2008 according to Statice. The largest nationality of immigrants is Polish, followed by other eastern European countries along with the Philippians and Thailand.

Fifty years ago, I’m sure it would have been the talk of the town if a black man walked through Reykjavík. This would have been since many had probably never seen one. However times have changed and I don’t think anybody’s skin color would be considered weird as you say. I think Icelanders are quite acceptable to immigration. We really needed it while the economy was booming. There is a chance that now when the economy has slowed down, people dislike immigrants occupying “their” jobs. Luckily I don’t think that is much of a problem, at least much less than it is in some of our neighboring countries.

In short, yeah I think we are quite accepting, but just getting used to it.