Lagarfljótsormur Monster Spotted in Iceland

Iceland has its own little known Loch Ness. It is a worm that lives in the massive Lagarfljót river in east Iceland. It was first spotted in 1345 and apparently began its life as a grassworm. The story says that a girl left the worm in a small chest on top of a golden ring, because everybody knows that’s the way to grow a chest full of gold. [Try it, it works.] When the girl returned she was frustrated to see that instead of the gold growing, the worm had grown. In her anger, she threw the chest along with the worm out into the Lagarfljót river. Out in the river, the worm kept growing until it became a monster which harassed anybody who came near it. The worm mainly stays out in the river, but occasionally spews poison over fields along the river.

Since its birth, many have seen it, but this is the first time it is ever caught on film. Hjörtur Kjerúlf was on his way by the Jöklsá í Fljótsdal river which runs out into Lagarfljótið when he captured this footage. Sceptics, the photographer included I believe, believe that the monster may actually be a net caught under the frozen ice. In any case, the monster lovers of the world have picked up the news and just a week after the video was posted on Icelandic news website RÚV, the video has been posted on youtube with nearly 3 million hits and Lagarfljótsormurinn has its own Wikipedia entry. The international media is picking it up as weird news, perhaps most detailed in the Huffington Post. In any case I think it is more likely the real thing than a specially designed hoax with a robot.

Here’s an interpretation of the myth: