Retro Stefson in Air Iceland’s hangar

The Icelandic band Retro Stefson has played in a few uniqe locations before, including in Austurbæjarskóli (elementary school), out on a bridge in Fljótshlíð and with gymnast girls. This time they play in the hangar of Air Iceland, Iceland’s main domestic airline.

Retro Stefson has made some unusual, but simple, music videos in the past such as Kimba with the gymnastic girls and performing out on a bridge in Iceland. Here’s a new twist. The video is taken in Austurbæjarskóli, an old children’s school in downtown Reykjavík. The first song, Mama Angola, is performed in a classroom along with a full class of kids. The second, which I don’t know the name of is performed in the school swimming pool. Most schools in Iceland have a swimming pool by the way. This is because all children in Iceland must learn how to swim.

Retro Stefson - Kimba

Cool video of the band doing a odd private concert for a team of gymnastic girls.

Retro Stefsson in the Icelandic countryside.


Retro Stefson - Kimba


(Source: dagdraumur)